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An Endless Wait(Antoheen)


Death of love

I came to visit a dear friend’s grave,
I kept the rose in my hand down and waved,
“Hey dear friend, I heard how it ended,
It’s sad to hear, but I wish the issue could’ve been mended.”

Just then a weird feeling struck my heart,
It felt like a storm and I was about to depart,
Just then I lost my conscious and with an excruciating pain,
I called my dear friend LIFE to appear again.

Am I falling or am I flying,
Am I living or am I dying,
I asked life- “What’s this weird feeling inside?”
“You are lonely again my friend”- life replied.

No…it can’t be true,
She said it’s over but I am there for you,
“Oh come on! Such things consoles your heart for a while,
It seems you’ll be okay but it’s just for a while!”

I see… I understand the effect of this spell,
This happened to me once before as well,
“Oh yeah, there was another dame in your past,
Though she wasn’t anything like this lass.”

I know…I know…and that’s why it hurts,
But I’ll be okay like before, just a little worse.
“It’ll be alright… tomorrow is the big day(vday),
Go out and find a new one to play.”

What are you saying Mr. Life, love isn’t a game,
It is a sacred and beautiful feeling, not inane!
“Weren’t you two in love? Han? What happened to that part?
Just a little difference grew you two apart?”

It just ended and all that I can say to explain-
In an argument if both are right, then who would you call insane?
“Well, things like this are hard to mend,
So who won the fight, How did it end?”

Well my being alone, might be enough as an answer,
But can’t be sure of her, you can go and ask her.
“It’s alright… such things happen in my world quite often,
Hang in there… someone else’s heart for you will soften.”

Na, I’m done with this silly thing called love,
I was happy alone and love is six feet under shoved.
“Tough luck brother, it was nice to hear from you,
I should go and pick a rose for my love too(death)” ….Life Departs

Just then I saw a man with a flower with red hue,
And I smiled and left, remembering the things I had planned too,
At least my flower is on the grave of my beloved friend ‘love’,
To wither with the time and rest in peace above.

Types of Relationships

Originally answered on Quora.

Question- Can we actually categorise relationships as per psychology?
Question Link(Quora)


Well, I am not a student of psychology or anything even close to that, but I do have some kind of theory about this and as per that I guess I can differentiate between different- different couples.

Type A-
In relationships of this kind the guy and girl love each other and are in a relationship of such kind that if even one of the two back out, the other one gets tormented. These kinds of couples have a lot of belief in their relationship and on their partner and either both or maybe one of them believe that his or her partner will eventually be his or her bride or groom.


Type B-
Type B is like a guy and a girl is in a relationship but are well aware that many a time interest in their partner does fade away with due time or we fed up of each other’s behaviour or not being able to give time to them. And in this case, both the people do know that one is a man and can start liking other girl and the other is a girl and can fall for any other guy. Now if such a case occurs that they do get separated, they do feel bad, but they move on eventually.


Type C-
This type refers to those kinds of people who don’t indulge in love and all such matters but do understand the need of intimacy as they know it’s pure hormonal. These are those kinds who understand that satisfying hormonal need is temporary and it’s not there in them all the time. Such kinds of people are those who don’t get into relationship stuff but do have sexual relations of some kind. It’s not necessarily to be sexual, but it is somewhat intimate. Now these kinds of people are really like professionals and all. Many a time they do turn into type B, but if the person with whom they are getting intimate with is not of that sort who can develop feeling too, then they eventually have to move on.justsex

Type D-
These are those who don’t even care for intimacy. Most Indian girls fall into this category. They are those who do feel the need of intimacy and do get aroused and all, but they resist this feeling and don’t do anything about it. They wait for the right one to come. The one and only. And mostly that one and only is the one they will eventually marry.


Type E-
The Asexuals. One who are completely out of intimate needs. They don’t feel a thing or need to have intimacy in their life at all. I believe many scientists, the one who never marry and all, fall into this one. They never feel the need of love. They are rare but they do exist.



That’s all that I’ve come across. I observe things and people around me. Everything that I just told isn’t written anywhere and I am not a student of psychology. It’s my own theory. It might be wrong as well. Do comment if anyone find anything odd and incorrect.

#2 DINING WITH THE POET- Gaath Ke Swanley/Dal’s Kachori

Hi again everyone. Well the first dish that I shared with you all was something way too common and often made my many. Well not today. Today I am gonna share something quite native to the people of UK(again… get used to the UK thing… haha).

Swanley actually is the same word in Garhwali for Kachori. Now I have just heard they both are same but anyway I normally don’t care about names but just eat…well we all are like that…aren’t we?

Anyway…let’s start.

Before we start cooking Swanley, I wanna recommend you all to get ready with two things first. First we will make the most important ingredient of our dish today- the Chutney and the second one is the salad. Now salad isn’t the important part but having nutritious salad by you side while eating is wholesome awesome. So… prepare the salad guys and see how amazing it looks-

Well it does look good in real… it’s not just my camera doing the trick guys :p
To learn how to make Linseed and Coriander Chutney, head to this link- Linseed and Coriander Chutney

Now since we are done with our chutney, let’s make some Swanley. There are various types of Swanley depending upon the stuffing you choose. You can make them with boiled potatoes, with various kinds of dals like Rajma and etc. My mother here is using Gaath or Gahat which is also known as Kuhlat in some places. It grows in mountainous region mostly and I absolutely love it’s taste. So let’s make some Swanley now.

Step 1:
Boil your dal or potatoes or whatever you choose and when done, take the keep the water aside as it’s of no use.
So we get just boiled dal.

Do add chilly powder and salt along with any other ingredient you want so that it suits your taste.

Now mesh it properly either with clean hands or you can use a Mixer Grinder for that like my mother does.

Step 2:
Now since our stuffing is ready, prepare the dough. Indians mostly use wheat flour and well it’s the most common too.IMG_1806

Step 3:
Put the pan over the stove and add quite a large amount of oil in it.

So our final set-up looks something like this-


Step 4:
Well I don’t think I need to explain how to make a chapati or a parantha, coz that’s exactly how a Swanla is prepared, but still if you wanna know. First take this much amount of dough in your hand and press it like shown in the picture below.IMG_1823IMG_1824

Step 5:
Now add the stuffing we prepared earlier inside the pressed dough and then fold it nicely and make a ball like thing again.IMG_1825IMG_1826IMG_1827

Step 6:
Now as we make chapati, just press the dough and form a chapati like shape.IMG_1828IMG_1829

Step 7:
Put it into the seething oil just exactly like this and cook it till it changes it’s color into brown. And keep turning it.IMG_1830

Step 8:
Side by side keep making few more so that when one is ready, you can take one of them out and put another one in. Also, use that kind of spoon with has holes in it, so that you can let the swanla leave the extra oil.IMG_1831IMG_1832

Step 9:
And thus your Swanlas are ready to be served. Serve them hot as they don’t taste that amazing when they get cold.IMG_1833

See, don’t they look absolutely great?IMG_1835

And now the time to be completely honest here. As I am not the one who prepared this lovely meal, the credit goes to our Chef and my mother-

I asked her to give a nice pose but well she herself can’t focus on a camera while eating those Swanlas
That’s all for today folks. See you all again next time and I hope at least someone try to make it, it will be such a blessing. And do ask if you have any query.

Love? Or you mean Sex?

Seeing a girl sending you request on fb, a million things starts rolling on your mind- 

“I hope she looks good and beautiful.”

“I hope she finds me interesting and would like to meet me.”

“Maybe she is the one who was supposed to come in my life.”

And who knows what comes in other men’s mind. Some of them think of it as completely different thing which basically they hope ends with sex. And yes that’s the truth. And as rightly said by Louis C.K


And to some extent this is true. I can even say with more than 95% men this is absolutely true. Those 5% include those men who never even thought of sex and girls in their life. They are those who used to study like hell to get an admission to a college or in India that’s mostly referred to as IIT. Or it may include the one so religious kinds who have to treat girls as one who deviates your mind from holy path of God a.k.a. The Brahmcharis. Or maybe they’re just interested in guys…well that’s a type too if you didn’t know. 😝

You know as a guy who is kind of desperate to have a loving companion or maybe it’s just a hormonal desire for sometime, you won’t believe to what extent this hope of meeting “the one” can go. Sometimes he leaves whatever he is doing and start trying anyway he can get a girl. And what does he even needs a girl for? Just to have someone who cares? Or is it the sexual drive? I really can’t tell, I really can’t.

A request in Facebook was one example. I can give you thousands of more ridiculous ones. If you’re travelling in a bus and their is even one girl in your bus, you start thinking that how nice she actually is and if this between you and her works, will that be nice to be with her. Yeah…exactly…and I haven’t even started talking to that girl and you know what? You never infact talk to that girl, ever. So why is it so? Am I insane? No! Is it something every guy thinks? I am kinda gonna say Yes. And do girls feel the same way? I think they do.

Let me give you some more weird examples. In my college when I am in a competition, let’s say a Article Writing Competition and there are female volunteers and one of them is really cute. Just one time to gain her attention you ask for a page or pen or something and you start believing that I must made her think of me atleast. Yeah…that’s what you think. Now the question is…out of other 50 guys in that classroom, what’s so special about me? I don’t know, but it’s just an intuition. And this doesn’t end here, when you give your paper eventually and write your name and number on the top, you start thinking that atleast someone of the volunteer will find my article really nice and will call me or message me. Yeah…that’s how insane sometimes it gets, can you imagine? And guess what I did get a call, apparently I came 2nd.

So that’s the thing. And this phone number thing? Oh this is some crazy shit, believe me. Whenever I give my number anywhere, I start thinking that it will end up in a cute girl’s mobile and we will be chatting then and then a date and finally what?- Coitus. Simple! Yeah so that’s how much crazy one can get. And you wanna know why does that happen? It happens coz of the things you see around and start thinking that’s how it works and that’s how this happens all the time and will happen with you the same way. A friend of mine bought a laptop from Dell and few days later he was chatting with the receptionist of the shop from where he bought it. So wouldn’t I get a feeling that this thing does happen. A roommate of mine met a girl in a college competition and after three days they were making out in his room. So why wouldn’t my stupid mind think that that’s how it happens…that’s how the real magic happens.

Let’s take Tinder for example. I’ve been in it for maybe about a month now. I didn’t have any smartphone or anything before. So I basically joined it after seeing that how easily my friends or roommate get girls(mostly which is sexual thing). With same intuition I joined it to, to see if I can really meet my soulmate here- the one true love. So I start using it, checking every profile nicely and reading the bio too and when I finally find someone attractive, then a right swipe. And guess how many matches have I found till now? Just two and that too just coz they swiped everything right and I had swiped them too and thus it was a match. And guys aren’t any different. They do same with girls, they just swipe right on every girl irrespective of how they look. And well being so frustrated I eventually applied the same trick and yeah I got another match- a girl who had just 3 pics and they were of teddy bear and Selena Gomez. Now I thought to ask that how many guys would had actually liked her? So I asked how many matches does she have? She said 102. Yeah!!! Imagine that. – profile with no real pictures of her, getting 102 matches. So it does prove that most men are interested in the sex part and not actually dating. And I am specifically emphasising on the word most men…not all.

So this is the truth. Love is very often thought of intimacy and not anything else. But mark my words when I say often. I never said that’s the definition of love. But for most of the time, this beautiful line from When Harry Met Sally is bang on-

And why do a guy like me who try to be as genuine and loyal in getting a love of my life has to think this way as well and try these weird ways? Coz I see it happening around me and that’s what I start believing in.

Quite recently a girl asked this question on Quora that- Why do guys pefer not so good looking girl for sex but a beautiful one to marry?

Okay first of all, a really good question and secondly, the answer I way too simple. Coz for sex they don’t care about face and what matters is that 3 inch region(that’s how one of my friend calls it), and after marriage they have to show other people how beautiful is the girl they have. Isn’t that right?

Okay maybe I should end this, it’s way too long to read now. So here I am expressing my stupid rage on myself for becoming an a**hole lately like other men and would request other guys or girls mostly that choose your man properly. This world is full of weirdos, and they exist as both men and women too. Now I know if someone reads this, they can come up with various questions to ask, but well I am here…shoot.

Learn to be a human first

Originally asked and answered in Quora!

You see this guy? I am talking about the cute pup in my hand here. He is one of the newly born puppy inside my college premises…well about 3 months old now. So he had a sibling too… a female one. I usually used to bring them chapatis everyday, for both of them and well sometimes they didn’t eat it but sometimes they were so hungry that they used to ask for more. This is me holding Oreo, yeah I named him that. And I named his sis as Brownie. So that’s the three month old case.
I got bit busy with my exams, not college ones but of some other thing so didn’t come to college for quite a lot of days. After a whole month when I got back to college after giving my exam, I saw Oreo sitting beside a bunch of students sitting outside the canteen and eating something. He was lying down and just waiting for them to leave something at the end. I went close to him. And as I approached he tried to get away. I was surprised. But I saw he was waving his tail in excitement too. It didn’t take me time to realise that though he knew me and who I was, but still he was scared, maybe just coz I was a human. I don’t know how everyone else treats him, but it changed his mind about every other human, right? I gave him a pack of Parle-G biscuit and that’s how he finally came to me. I played with him, just for few moments coz I had a class to attend. But that moment was something I realised what being a human was and what being a real human was. When I left he tried to tag along for a while, but after sometime was shooed by one of the janitor, well I won’t comment on that, coz that’s his job.

I went inside the canteen, and asked for an Appy and also enquired, hey Anna what happened to the other puppy? Where’s the other one, these two were always together na?

He told me that Brownie died few weeks back. They found her dead behind a tree inside the campus. She died coz of starvation. I just then went out to see Oreo again, I don’t know why but now looking at him made me more sad. And what was he doing? Trying to survive by waiting for the food to be left by someone. So this thing makes you think what being a human really is and what is on stake when we just stop caring for versions things around you. Whatever the experience it was, maybe good in a way that how a bond was kept…like Oreo kept with me and also the sad one, which I don’t think I need to explain much I believe.