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An Endless Wait(Antoheen)


A Boy’s Dating Confessions

Is it just me or does it happen with everyone?
The one we fancy, we bump into them quite often.
And with our best efforts we try to engage with them,
In hope to make them believe that you’re a better choice than other men.

You bring them daisies, tulips and various such flowers,
And with your lovesick hands, poems in their praise showers.
You start believing their happiness and pain is yours too,
And they expect to be treated same by you.

And like a fool you do whatever pleases them,
No matter in your life if it’s causing mayhem,
And when you get tired of their little tantrums at last,
You then end and make this a memory of your past.

No matter if it’s love or hate,
You know it’s gonna culminate,
And like a fool maybe with someone new and sane,
You start these charades all over again.

But the hole your heart doesn’t seem to fill,
And you can’t stop it from loving even by your own will,
But someday there’ll grow a rose for you around somewhere,
In this hope, you keep planting seeds of love everywhere.