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Her Inner Conflict

Note: Early morning when I went to buy milk, I saw little girls all around going around from one house to another. It wasn’t too late for me to realise what day it was. Just then I saw a small girl sitting in a stairway with a 10Rs note in her palms and her sitting in a wondering pose with both of her fists on her chin. That made me think of the alternate but true reality of our lifestyle and mentality of many people in our country. Here’s a piece from a little girl’s point of view.  

Where is your youngest one?
Isn’t she at home?
Can you please ask her to come to our house,
For the ritual around noon?

Oh yeah sure, here she is,
Taking bath and getting dressed!
Just a little crimson on her forehead,
And you can take her to your shed!

“Well isn’t she the most wanted by all today!”
Quoted one of the aunts.
“Well she’s the youngest Lakshmi you see”
A lady said along with her holy chants.

While all this was taking place around her,
The girl just sat and thought for long-
Weren’t these the same people,
Who wished I was never born?

Who came to my house,
Put the hand on my mothers womb,
“Don’t worry, It’ll be a son this time,
Finally happy will be your groom.”

Yes these are the same people,
Who suggested to get my identity checked,
Who told million ways,
To not allow me to take even a breath.

Not being able to bear such thoughts,
She ran out with crumbs of sweets in her palm,
Threw them into the bushes,
Went straight to her mother’s arms.

Her mother could understand her feelings,
Without her saying even a word,
Coz she was the only woman,
Who being a woman understood her worth.


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Innocence at its best

Originally answered in Quora by Nishant Kumar for the question- What are the statements that 5-year olds make?

When my girlfriend was 5 years old, she was once sitting with her father on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Her dad asked if she needed anything and she craved for biscuits. Her dad got her a brand’s – Krack Jack biscuit.

Happy, she ran to the garden to savor every bite of it. Suddenly she saw her landlord plowing the land of the garden, planting some seeds. Curious, she went to him and asked what he was doing.

“I am planting beans! Soon they will grow and feed us all!”

She sat on the grass, observing closely the process.  

She suddenly became very happy. When he left after planting the seeds, she carefully dug 20 holes, all nearby, and planted one biscuit in every hole. She then covered it with soil, just like she saw him do.

In she went to her room, returning every 5 minutes or so to check if the tree of biscuit had grown. There was, of course, nothing.

She decided to wait.

In the evening, she saw her landlord giving water to the seeds he had sowed. She quickly understood her mistake and came out with a can of water. She carefully sprinkled water all over those biscuits she had planted.

Waited for another 5 minutes, nothing.

She decided to investigate. She dug one of the holes and to her surprise, all she found was a soiled biscuit, ready to get dissolved in the soil. She took it out and went to show it to her dad.

Her father said, “Dear, it doesn’t grow like this! It’s already an eatable!”

“But how does the earth know this??” was her innocent reply.

18 years later, this story still cracks her family with laughter!


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