Reservation based on Economic Status

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Question- Why can’t the Indian government have financial based reservation instead of caste based reservation?


One simple reason- VOTES and the question which answer’s your question is that-

Who’s gonna take the fall?

As far as I know, Dr. B.R Ambedkar Ji introduced reservation in our constitution for the betterment of that section of our nation who had been marred with discrimination as per their caste or maybe religion. But he also stated that clearly that reservation would be discontinued after 10 years. Now the question arises that what would had happen if things would had gone as they were supposed to and why isn’t reservation still in practice?

What would have happened if the reservation was discontinued after 10 years as it was supposed to?

I am using a part of passage which published in Outlook on 2004-

Dalit representation in Indian politics would have been non-existent. The Dalits in most parts of the country are so scattered that they do not have a meaningful electoral strength. So, here, reservation of seats for Dalit candidates has served a purpose. Having said that, the cancellation of political reservation would have made no difference to the Dalit movement because Dalit politicians who have benefited from the reservation of constituencies have turned out to be puppets in the hands of parties like the Congress and the BJP. These parties exploit political reservation to increase their own seat count. The welfare of Dalits has been lost in political calculations. So if political reservations end today, it may not make a difference to the larger welfare of Dalits.

Well, I’d say that a point well put, but is it really? See I totally agree that reservation for a substantial amount of time was absolutely necessary and it still is and its

See I totally agree that reservation for a substantial amount of time was absolutely necessary and it still is and its fare enough that it still continues, but why is it still in continuation for the one who absolutely don’t need it or misusing it? And here I am referring to the Creamy Layers. I won’t say more on this or it could agitate some people for obvious reasons.

Why is reservation still in practise?

It needs to be, it should be and it’s okay if it is, but it still exist in a wrong manner. Everyone says that reservation should be for poor people only and it’s absolutely correct, but we are forgetting one basic point which another passage from the same article of outlook explains quite well-

The poor of India, assuming that it has been clearly defined, would have been a very large number. The struggle of the poor Dalits, poor because of the oppression they suffered for centuries, would have been lost. A diluted reservation is as good as having no reservation. And the youth might have made this point through violence.

Again a valid point. But in my belief, the ones who are well off should be kept out of it completely. I mean reservation is like a piece of candy now. Everyone wants it. The length to what people go nowadays is horrific. Take me for example- I am from Uttarakhand, I belong from a rural hilly region. Now, what if someday my community or rather I should say people from hills start asking for reservation? Yeah, aren’t we backward, which I am actually not and so aren’t many others like me, but what if we start revolting like this? Today Jat community is asking for it, what if next day people from the NorthEast start doing the same? And then the South Indians as per their ethnicity. I mean isn’t this ridiculous? What if Sikhs, Jains or Buddhists ask for their share in the cake saying they are in the minority too. Aren’t they?

This is just ridiculous. And why do politicians continue to support their people and religion and all? Well, we all know why and even though they know what this can lead to, the point they make is- Who’s gonna tie bell in the neck of the cat?

Source of the passages I took- What If Reservations Had Come To An End In 1957?


The Love Chronicle

1. It was her birthday. He finally gained the courage to talk to her and went outside her house to wish her.

After hesitating for a while, he finally rung the bell,
Someone answered- “Who are you boy, why you sweat, are you well?”
Off he cleaned the drops, the witness of worry from his face-
“I am your girl’s classmate, need to talk”– said he with grace.

2. He was told that she ain’t home. Gone out with some friends to the Donald’s.

With a withering rose that he had kept for years,
Off he went to her to do the thing he most feared.
There she was wearing the maroon sweater, smiling like a little mermaid,
Blowing warm air on her hands covered with gloves her mother had made.


3. He went close. She looked at him and gave a weird smile. He pulled out the Rose, folded in a velvet cloth.

“I’ve been meaning to give something which belongs to you”
“Whose each petal grew when you smiled and when you were sad it lost its hue.”
“But it stayed all along, to express the words he was meant to-
“That this guy who keeps me, is in love with you.”

4. She was silent in surprise, he could hear her heart pounding like a hammer on an anvil. She couldn’t close her eyes; how could she let this moment pass away. She feared it’ll all go away if she closed them.

“I can’t keep sitting on my knees milady”
“It feels quite cold down here”– said he.
She giggled and a tear came out of her eye.
Grabbed him from his arms and gave a peaceful sigh.

5. That hug was something he couldn’t forget. The moment he waited all his life was here. He tried to keep his eyes dry, but the wall of his manhood shattered into pieces with a drop in his eyes.

She looked at him as she had never looked at a man before,
And with her dusky red lips, she kissed where the drop poured.
And there it was on her lips like a drop of dew,
Just like that, she took his heart away he knew.


6. He gave her the withered rose which she hesitated to keep. She told him that he shouldn’t fall for her, for she was someone else’s to keep. “He never let me go off his arms and I am attached to him, I can’t leave. I’ll live with him maybe forever and will die with him too. So, my dear lover, you should give it to someone else who deserves you.”

Just likes that in a jiffy, his world turned into a dungeon of doom,
His heart stopped and he felt his end was near and soon.
His mouth choked, he couldn’t speak a word to her anymore,
He tried to keep his tears inside as they were before.


7. With a heavy heart, he left her there with her mates. For days he won’t speak to anyone, he was in despair. One moment he smiled remembering the kiss and in another he cried as insane. He had to live forever like this alone. She was the one he lived for and will die in her memory if he had to.

To keep his mind off her, he volunteered to join the troops in front,
Keeping his sadness inside and showering bullets was how his rage burnt.
One bright fine day, his eye caught a glimpse of a rose in the woods,
The haunting past came back; cover breached, hit by a bullet in his hoods.


8. That’s how a beautiful soul lost his soul. First at the hands of the one he loved and another for the one he lived. Before he died, he gave a piece a paper to his mate in the bunker and asked it to give to the one who look like no one else in his town.

The loyal friend brought the body home covered with the flag all over,
The site which made everyone cry over the great son and the lover.
He asked- “Was there anyone to whom he gave his heart?
Loved more than anyone else, seeing whom he couldn’t tell love and life apart?”


9. From back exclaimed a guy with a sigh- “She dropped few petals and he used to pick them up, but no one thought that he would ever make a wreath of those only to put it upon his grave. She is still here, she still remember him and she always will. And here she is…”

She came for the funeral, asked with a tear in her eye-

”What were the last words when my beloved friend said goodbye?”

And there in a letter addressed to her quoted he-

“I made this wreath for you, pardon to let it keep with me.”

10. She fell down on her knees and cried over the cold cadaver.

Everyone said- “Why didn’t she accept him, what was wrong with the guy?
He lived in your memory and with that, he finally died.”
She said- “I did love him and in his memory I have passed my near to end days.
But never thought he would perish before me and that too in this way.”

She had a disease which never let her go. And she never lied when she said that she was gonna live with it and die as well. But Alas, she never hoped that her denial will lead to his demise!

What would happen if Moses, Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad, Gautama Buddha, Confucius, Lord Rama meet at one place?

Disclaimer– Don’t get offended, it’s just for little fun. If you are a kind of person who is way too religiously sentimental then please don’t read further.


Moses(looking at the television)- Did he win this time?
Jesus– Oh for my sake not yet. Don’t jinx it Mosy! They haven’t reached to that category yet.
Moses- Okay bro… calm down, don’t swear on yourself for Moses’s sake. Hey Muhammad, what do you think? Will he win this time?
Muhammad- Inshallah jarur… he deserves to win. Although I believe the last one by him wasn’t that bad you know…he should’ve won that time. I really loved that movie.
Gautam Buddha- Come on Muhammad, we all know what you loved in that movie you son of a god. For three days you just sat and meditated to overcome that.
Confucius- Well well well, look, they are announcing the winner.
And the award for the best actor goes to- The Bear from the movie The Revenant
Lord Ram- Oh what the Narak. Where’s Brahma? Where on Prithvi is he? What kind of world has he created? Can’t he make one of these humans to give and Oscar to that poor fella?
(Enters Thor)
Thor- Seriously? I mean seriously? That’s how you support your friend guys? After all that lightning and firework, you rooting for him and not me?

The game behind my name!

Originally answered in Quora by Amit Amola for the question- How did your parents decide on your name?

My parents named my brother Sumit, which eventually became Summit and that’s a cool name…right?Now when I was born, just as Indian parents usually do…they named me Amit which rhymes with Sumit. Simple right? But here’s a twist.

When my brother was in 4th or something, my father thought that Sumit is quite simple and common. By that time he got to know through some newspaper that Rahul Dravid’s son’s name is Summit. He was quite intrigued by that name, so that’s how my brother got his name.

Now it was my turn. And that’s how my father describes it-

Trying hard for days by searching in Dictionary, he came across the word **OMIT. **He thought that it’s a nice and new word and is in fact similar to Amit. Not being much literate in English and maybe didn’t understanding the meaning, he changed my name into Omit. Yes…for 9 freaking years my name was Omit.

Then around board exams of High School when I was being registered in the Official Documents, then my brother pointed out that the word Omit has some weird meaning. Before this time when someone use to ask, I happily used to tell the definition written in the dictionary, since I didn’t know English that well myself and the second reason I believe was that my dictionary had a picture of Octopus beside the word Omit which was my name, so I used to find my name cool. See I can even show that page too… I still have that dictionary-

So anyway, in High School I got my present name again.

So that’s the story behind my name. Pretty weird right! And here’s me and my big bro(that’s a Holi pic)-

The one we call as extras- Linseed and Coriander Chutney

I am gonna tell here how to make chutney of linseed and coriander leaves. And it tastes amazing. You can use it in many dishes and with simple chapati as well. It’s even famously eaten with chapati of Kodda(again, it’s something that we call in Garhwali… idk it’s other name… well maybe you might see it in my Dinning With The Poet section.) So let’s see how to make our Chutney.

Step 1:
Make a paste like stuff of garlic.
You can omit this step if you don’t like to use it.

Step 2:
In a pan heat up some linseed and heat them up till they turn little brownish is color.IMG_1804IMG_1805

Step 3:
Now put the seeds in a Mixie(well that’s what we all call a Mixer Grinder in short actually) with very small amount of water and make a paste like stuff. After that add some coriander leaves into it and mix them again. Keep adding little water in between so that it mixes easily and form like a paste in the end.IMG_1809IMG_1799IMG_1810IMG_1812IMG_1811IMG_1813

Step 4:
Can you see this little yellow fella? Yeah now we need to add Mr Lemon in our paste. It gives the sour taste that our chutney needs to have. We cut the lemon and use just the quarter of it. Well you can use more or less depending on your need.IMG_1814IMG_1815IMG_1816

Step 5:
Now add little bit red chilly powder and salt as per your taste. Just remember that though you may not like that much spice in a dish, even I don’t but well a chutney without such flavors is kinda useless.IMG_1803IMG_1802IMG_1817IMG_1818

And now mix it well and wallaah… your Chutney is ready. You can taste it and see what’s the ingredient that’s bit less or more and add it as per requirement.

#2 DINING WITH THE POET- Gaath Ke Swanley/Dal’s Kachori

Hi again everyone. Well the first dish that I shared with you all was something way too common and often made my many. Well not today. Today I am gonna share something quite native to the people of UK(again… get used to the UK thing… haha).

Swanley actually is the same word in Garhwali for Kachori. Now I have just heard they both are same but anyway I normally don’t care about names but just eat…well we all are like that…aren’t we?

Anyway…let’s start.

Before we start cooking Swanley, I wanna recommend you all to get ready with two things first. First we will make the most important ingredient of our dish today- the Chutney and the second one is the salad. Now salad isn’t the important part but having nutritious salad by you side while eating is wholesome awesome. So… prepare the salad guys and see how amazing it looks-

Well it does look good in real… it’s not just my camera doing the trick guys :p
To learn how to make Linseed and Coriander Chutney, head to this link- Linseed and Coriander Chutney

Now since we are done with our chutney, let’s make some Swanley. There are various types of Swanley depending upon the stuffing you choose. You can make them with boiled potatoes, with various kinds of dals like Rajma and etc. My mother here is using Gaath or Gahat which is also known as Kuhlat in some places. It grows in mountainous region mostly and I absolutely love it’s taste. So let’s make some Swanley now.

Step 1:
Boil your dal or potatoes or whatever you choose and when done, take the keep the water aside as it’s of no use.
So we get just boiled dal.

Do add chilly powder and salt along with any other ingredient you want so that it suits your taste.

Now mesh it properly either with clean hands or you can use a Mixer Grinder for that like my mother does.

Step 2:
Now since our stuffing is ready, prepare the dough. Indians mostly use wheat flour and well it’s the most common too.IMG_1806

Step 3:
Put the pan over the stove and add quite a large amount of oil in it.

So our final set-up looks something like this-


Step 4:
Well I don’t think I need to explain how to make a chapati or a parantha, coz that’s exactly how a Swanla is prepared, but still if you wanna know. First take this much amount of dough in your hand and press it like shown in the picture below.IMG_1823IMG_1824

Step 5:
Now add the stuffing we prepared earlier inside the pressed dough and then fold it nicely and make a ball like thing again.IMG_1825IMG_1826IMG_1827

Step 6:
Now as we make chapati, just press the dough and form a chapati like shape.IMG_1828IMG_1829

Step 7:
Put it into the seething oil just exactly like this and cook it till it changes it’s color into brown. And keep turning it.IMG_1830

Step 8:
Side by side keep making few more so that when one is ready, you can take one of them out and put another one in. Also, use that kind of spoon with has holes in it, so that you can let the swanla leave the extra oil.IMG_1831IMG_1832

Step 9:
And thus your Swanlas are ready to be served. Serve them hot as they don’t taste that amazing when they get cold.IMG_1833

See, don’t they look absolutely great?IMG_1835

And now the time to be completely honest here. As I am not the one who prepared this lovely meal, the credit goes to our Chef and my mother-

I asked her to give a nice pose but well she herself can’t focus on a camera while eating those Swanlas
That’s all for today folks. See you all again next time and I hope at least someone try to make it, it will be such a blessing. And do ask if you have any query.

#1 Dining with the poet- Poha

Hey there everyone, enjoying winters? Well so am I but with some restrictions. I am going through a treatment so my food and other day-to-day habits have been changed lately. Good news is that I lost 5kgs coz of that and feels amazing to get back in shape again. Anyway…lets come to the main topic of my new post.

I realised few days back while watching a food channel that hey- I cook too, so how come I never share anything which I cook? I should right? So that led me to my blog. From today onwards I’ll be food blogging as well and will try to make various kinds of dishes and that too in Pahadi style since I am from UK( don’t get shocked… I mean Uttarakhand… haha works everytime).

So according to my diet, I’ve been eating really healthy and light food which you may call as a patient’s daily meal too…well it is kinda like that only. So anyway, today we’ve something quite well known dish. My mother herself never had it in her whole life and when she ate it for the first time, she loved it; though adding at the end of the meal that it didn’t feel anything in her tummy!

Well that’s how much light it is. It’s POHA. And I am gonna make it in the simplest and the best way that I know. So let’s start…shall we?

Step 1-
Buy Poha. Well wasn’t that obvious right? Poha (also known as pauwa and pohe, among many other things in the many languages of India) is flattened rice flakes. Some packages call it “beaten rice”. Beaten or flattened, you decide. So anyway it’s easily available in any shop and umm just for the sake of showing here’s what I used-


Step 2-
Chop Onions and Tomatoes as per your interest. By interest here I mean that how you want your Poha. So I myself am not adding too much of the two. Just one Onion and one tomato. You can garter(in hindi it means कद्दूकस करना) both of them and use them instead of chopped ones as well.

Now a point to tell- Can you see that I’ve taken out seeds from the tomato and put them aside? Yeah… that I did coz these seeds might end up making up the stones inside you. I mean not always but they are harmful. How do I know? Well, what do you think the treatment is for that I am going through.


Step 3-
Drain your Poha in water and use a utensil with holes in it so that your water doesn’t retain in your Poha. 

If you see properly you can see sugar crystal in my washed Poha. Yeah, this gives amazing taste to our Poha. Sugar with little salt later on gives an amazing taste. So I recommend you to add it but if you like a salty one then yeah can omit it. You can also add Raisin(किश्मिश) to this.


Step 4-
Now we ready to cook. Put some oil in a pan(कड़ाही) and add some Cumin(ज़ीरा) seeds in it and let it change its color to little dark brownish. Don’t burn it though.

And don’t mind that the oil is in Bisleri Bottle, well Indian mother’s are quite exceptionally good in reusing some things.


Step 5-
Add chopped onion into the pan and cook it for a while till it becomes brownish from its sides.


Step 6-
Now add chopped tomatoes to the pan and just after adding that add salt to it as per your taste so that it dissolves.

I am using Patanjali salt. Apparently my father is a huge fan of Ramdev baba’s products. But listen carefully, this salt here is no good at all. It’s kinda like salt-less. I had to add  2 full tablespoons to get some salty taste in my Poha. So I’d say avoid buying Patanjali Iodine Salt as it’s useless.


Step 7-
At this time the electricity was gone so I had to put my pan over a stove. And also the pics might look bit shady now.
So anyway, now add some Turmeric(हल्दी) to your pan. Funny thing is that whenever I listen to the word turmeric, that Vicco Vajradanti commercial’s tune start ringing in my head.


Step 8-
Prepare the stuff in your pan properly and mix it well and then add your washed Poha into the pan and mix it well.

Though since without light it looks weird but trust me it looks amazing in real, you will see in a bit. So keep moving it till it mixes properly.

Step 9-
And when you’re done mixing your Poha, it’s ready to be served.
See wasn’t that way too simple? And trust me it tastes amazing. Some people like adding sauce to it so just for fun I added Kissan Chotu in our pic.


To be clear, NO… I am not advertising here for  either Savour, Bisleri or Kissan. Though I wish they were paying me for this… haha!

So that’s all folks, enjoy Poha and trust me it tastes amazing.


Am good with rhymes so I write poems, Am good in observing, so I write my opinion, views and observations, And guess what- Am good in bed too…well you know…in sleeping! 😜(So now you know I write humorous posts as well) Hop on, follow and enjoy the site…

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