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My beloved

To my beloved feline who died last winter… Rest in peace Tinks

To see you walk was to see a dame walking down the aisle,

Iridescent, like the diamond ring around an eclipse.

Never wailed for food, just craved for love,

Kindling an unknown emotion within me,

Such a benign soul; if only I could give away my life like a gift of Magi.


I hope I did justice to today’s theme… The Commons


My Sweet Little Tooth

Did I ever tell you that I often forget what I was talking about and go off the track many a times? Well if I didn’t…then I am telling now. So let’s start with our topic of today- ICE CREAMS.

I remember the time when I used to wait outside my house under my Banyan tree with a 2Rs coin in my hand. I used to wait to hear that Pom-Pom of the white cycle lorry- the treasure keeper…the Icecream-wala. Many people ask me a lot of times, am I from a village? I often reply to that with my own created terms- not really village but a semi-urban town. To be true…that’s how it can be really defined…the place where I used to live before. And where am I now?

Yeah so what I was talking about… yeah I forgot… Ice Creams. Sorry but I often loose the track while talking about something. Please don’t mind. So I was saying that there was a time when I used to wait under my Banyan Tree with 2Rs in my hand for the IceCream guy. I used to come home by 2 afternoon and after having my lunch I used to search whole house for just those 2 pennies. Quite a few times my mother used to help me out by taking out 6 from her vault- for me, my bro and herself. She is a very interesting character you see…bit kiddish from inside. Surprisingly she is still like that. Even now if I bring a chewing gum home…she would still like to have a bite of that…even if its just one chewing gum…I have to break it into two. Yeah so I was saying that quite often she used to join the party and give me 6 herself. Though not everyday; well to be honest she was not that much of a kid…even she knew eating icecream everyday is not good for our teeth. So as I was saying that I used to search whole house for those two little coins. I often used to try to pull out a two from my Piggy Bank(in India its like a big pot made of clay). And even if that didn’t work…then the drawer in our dressing table was the place where there were always spare coins.

Yeah so as I was saying that after getting my hands on those two bucks, I used to wait for the ice cream man. Punctual at his job, exactly at 3 o clock he used to reach the temple area. You could hear his Pom- Pom horn from quite far. And kids like me used to run towards him. I often used to forgot my slippers home while running towards that heavenly wagon. It was too hot outside, but that feeling of having that delicious melting cold lava inside my mouth always made me forgot the harsh warmth under my legs.

There were so many options. So so many that I used to feel real jealous when the kid from my neighbourhood used to buy a 5Rs two in one icecream- an orange sheet of sweet ice from outside…covering the white milky portion inside. So jealous that I often used to wish I were my neighbour’s kid. I so used to envy that Army-cut prick. I was often asked by my mother to get a haircut like that…just coz he had one. Well I never understood this that why all parents think that short hairs are the sign of a good kid. Shorter the hairs…more obedient the kid is. Never got answer to that question either.

Well nevermind… so as I was saying that how many variesties that ice-cream guy used to have. There was 1Rs sweet red icy bar…and then there was this 2Rs one… the elder brother to the 1Rs one. More wide and large than the 1Rs bar. At three we used to get a rounded milk bar. Well it looked like it was made of milk only but my mother always used to say otherwise. At 4 we had three’s big brother same like we had 1’s. Then 4 afterwards we had the elite class- the 5Rs aforementioned two flavoured bar, mixture of 1 and 3. At 6 we had seen was the Cup- white icecream cup which now I came to understand was Vanilla. At 7 we had another cup…a bigger one with Pinkish hue…which now I think was Strawberry. Then at 8 was this new guy in IceCream town- a coconut flavour. Well out of every kid we knew in our semi-urban town…we heard that Fauji’s(Soldier) son had tasted that one. Well I never knew or rather asked how was it’s taste…but I assumed it must be coconuty as per its name.


Moving on…now we had the premium ones in the line. Skipping 9… at 10 we had Chocobar. The dream of every kid…the chocolate covering the milky region. We had heard the rumours that Fauji’s kid had tried that one too. After 10 we all never even thought of guessing how the big shots would be like. We couldn’t even imagine if there could be any other flavour after 10.

So one can imagine how small my little world used to be. And just thinking about it now…all I can do is just smile. Here I am sitting in this big Food Court with regular McFlurry beside me…waiting for me to enjoy it’s Oreotic taste. And guess how much it cost me…freaking 82Rs. 42 times the one I used to eat from the ice cream vendor. I can’t just imagine how time has flown away. How I have become an adult from that little IceCream craving kid. That how I have gone past the time when not being able to find those 2 bucks used to give me tension all day and how now I lament upon my problems regarding friends and relationships. What have I become? Where’s that little kid inside me lost? What happened to him? All I do now is cry silently inside about some silly things and some silly girl.

When I was a kid…I used to cry for not getting a toy or ice-cream and I can easily recall that how back then I used to fell asleep while crying. And when I used to get up…I would had forgotten everything. I would had forgotten the reason for being sad and angry at first place. We all have been through that phase. And that time when my Maa used to scream at me for breaking some machine and I just used to start crying; though just after an hour I used to cling in her arms tightly to get consoled by her.

We have changed a lot now. Just think that how sad our life has become now that even when we feel to cry…we just cry from inside…we are not even able to shed our tears. How much pain we give to ourself for someone who doesn’t even care how you feel.

I can’t imagine how much have I changed…too much I guess. How difficult it has now become to talk to my parents for even 5 minutes. It feels like burden now, whereas as a kid they were the first one to whom I used to go running after coming home to tell that I scored 10/10 in Maths test. Why some person’s “I don’t care” behaviour about you is so hearbreaking, whereas while doing same to your parents it’s not such a big deal? Well no one can answer to that either.


Life plays too many puns on you…and all you can do is see bieng laughed upon…only what good we can do is laugh along in our life…that way even life would be surprised to see you being happy. People say Cricket is a funny game… well I would say Life is funnier than cricket my friend and Love is funniest of all… and neither of these games is easy. And only one advise can be given about these games- Play Wisely or You’ll Get Bowled.

So what was I saying- Ice Creams right? Oh…I think I lost the track again? Did I ever tell you that I often forget what I was talking about?


This poem is written with perspective of Dawood Ibrahim, a fortunate 15 year old to escape the Peshawar massacre. His alarm clock didn’t go off so he overslept and missed school. Every single member of his class was killed in the atrocity.

I am scared,
Scared to go inside through those doors again,
Scared to be alone without any mate to be with,
Coz they all left me to take their classes in heaven.

Should I be sad and jealous about this,
That I can’t be with them anymore,
Or rather be pleased to be here at the ground,
Safe and protected under my mother’s warm shroud.

You have your own shroud now…just yesterday I saw you all having one,
But what warmth will it be giving to your cold cadavers?
I can’t even act like being envious and asking same for me,
Though I am so distressed that I wish I had one too.

Sometimes I think am I really safe now?
Was that their last vengeance upon us?
Can I go out and play again?
With my new imaginary pals.

I can’t even shed tears anymore for you all,
Coz I am all dried up by now,
The porch of my eyely abode,
Is now just a frozen lake of tears.

I am not even that big yet,
To understand the gravity of this situation,
But I try to comprehend about it,
From the profuse denials of my mother to let me go out again.

Though I see my father standing tall as always,
Showing his obvious machismo that he is supposed to,
But through his grimly eyes I can feel,
The terrifying thought of losing me.

This fear has shaken everyone around,
Even the thought of it happening again gives me jitters,
But rather than perishing every day here like this,
More willing I’ll be to receive their bullet in my skull

Why on name of devout practices like Jihad,
Some of us even forget what humanity was like,
And every now and then carry out the extermination,
Of our own kind, the innocent and wise

Bring an end to this charade… I beg you all,
Enough with your ways of terrorizing our souls,
We aren’t scared of you or your carnage,
We are just afraid to lose our loved ones at such a young age.

Show some mercy upon our souls,
Just think for a moment, think on your own,
That why would the almighty be so willing to accept,
Those now deceased spirits whom he himself gave life to rest

Though someday you all will realize this fact,
And then repent for all your vindictive acts.
But what should I do…with nothing around,
With all my mates buried under ground.

With whom will I share my pain and joys,
To whom would I disclose all the changes I go through being a boy.
I am scared …but not scared of death alone,
What I am really scared of… is to be forever desolate and forlorn.

Money may not always buy happiness

Where I was and what I am now,
That’s a very typical story that teaches how.
How I earned those laurels and fame,
And how in between I lost the game.
The game which I started with my fellow mates,
Of aspiring to reach our success gates.
The gates beyond which wealth would reside,
And behind whom my friends would stand despised.

Leaving all my friends to their own fate,
I rushed towards my fortune gate.
Though I had already achieved a lot,
But at that time I was a greedy rogue.
Coins were my candies, money was my cupcake,
Rather than food, rupees and dollars were my intakes.
I was merely blind as I was unable to see the truth,
That lust of money lured me to waste my youth.

Though joy was still there,
But my passion for enjoyment decreased.
As friends were many around me,
But true friendship was ceased.
I had too much to share,
But I needed someone close indeed.
To reveal my sorrows and my pains,
Which were almost pathetic and discreet.

At that particular moment,
I learned an important fact.
That my decision at those gates,
Was cause of my regret,
I had betrayed my friends,
I had cheated on them.
For sake of that evil treasure,
I had committed a sin.

If now I could make up that lost time,
If now I could regress.
I would bet all my money,
And all of my progress.
This unfulfilled desire, would always prevail,
In a small closet of my heart without being unveiled.
Neither money can buy, nor wealth can be used,
To achieve that happiness again which was left and rebuked.