Reservation based on Economic Status

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Question- Why can’t the Indian government have financial based reservation instead of caste based reservation?


One simple reason- VOTES and the question which answer’s your question is that-

Who’s gonna take the fall?

As far as I know, Dr. B.R Ambedkar Ji introduced reservation in our constitution for the betterment of that section of our nation who had been marred with discrimination as per their caste or maybe religion. But he also stated that clearly that reservation would be discontinued after 10 years. Now the question arises that what would had happen if things would had gone as they were supposed to and why isn’t reservation still in practice?

What would have happened if the reservation was discontinued after 10 years as it was supposed to?

I am using a part of passage which published in Outlook on 2004-

Dalit representation in Indian politics would have been non-existent. The Dalits in most parts of the country are so scattered that they do not have a meaningful electoral strength. So, here, reservation of seats for Dalit candidates has served a purpose. Having said that, the cancellation of political reservation would have made no difference to the Dalit movement because Dalit politicians who have benefited from the reservation of constituencies have turned out to be puppets in the hands of parties like the Congress and the BJP. These parties exploit political reservation to increase their own seat count. The welfare of Dalits has been lost in political calculations. So if political reservations end today, it may not make a difference to the larger welfare of Dalits.

Well, I’d say that a point well put, but is it really? See I totally agree that reservation for a substantial amount of time was absolutely necessary and it still is and its

See I totally agree that reservation for a substantial amount of time was absolutely necessary and it still is and its fare enough that it still continues, but why is it still in continuation for the one who absolutely don’t need it or misusing it? And here I am referring to the Creamy Layers. I won’t say more on this or it could agitate some people for obvious reasons.

Why is reservation still in practise?

It needs to be, it should be and it’s okay if it is, but it still exist in a wrong manner. Everyone says that reservation should be for poor people only and it’s absolutely correct, but we are forgetting one basic point which another passage from the same article of outlook explains quite well-

The poor of India, assuming that it has been clearly defined, would have been a very large number. The struggle of the poor Dalits, poor because of the oppression they suffered for centuries, would have been lost. A diluted reservation is as good as having no reservation. And the youth might have made this point through violence.

Again a valid point. But in my belief, the ones who are well off should be kept out of it completely. I mean reservation is like a piece of candy now. Everyone wants it. The length to what people go nowadays is horrific. Take me for example- I am from Uttarakhand, I belong from a rural hilly region. Now, what if someday my community or rather I should say people from hills start asking for reservation? Yeah, aren’t we backward, which I am actually not and so aren’t many others like me, but what if we start revolting like this? Today Jat community is asking for it, what if next day people from the NorthEast start doing the same? And then the South Indians as per their ethnicity. I mean isn’t this ridiculous? What if Sikhs, Jains or Buddhists ask for their share in the cake saying they are in the minority too. Aren’t they?

This is just ridiculous. And why do politicians continue to support their people and religion and all? Well, we all know why and even though they know what this can lead to, the point they make is- Who’s gonna tie bell in the neck of the cat?

Source of the passages I took- What If Reservations Had Come To An End In 1957?


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