Learn to be a human first

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You see this guy? I am talking about the cute pup in my hand here. He is one of the newly born puppy inside my college premises…well about 3 months old now. So he had a sibling too… a female one. I usually used to bring them chapatis everyday, for both of them and well sometimes they didn’t eat it but sometimes they were so hungry that they used to ask for more. This is me holding Oreo, yeah I named him that. And I named his sis as Brownie. So that’s the three month old case.
I got bit busy with my exams, not college ones but of some other thing so didn’t come to college for quite a lot of days. After a whole month when I got back to college after giving my exam, I saw Oreo sitting beside a bunch of students sitting outside the canteen and eating something. He was lying down and just waiting for them to leave something at the end. I went close to him. And as I approached he tried to get away. I was surprised. But I saw he was waving his tail in excitement too. It didn’t take me time to realise that though he knew me and who I was, but still he was scared, maybe just coz I was a human. I don’t know how everyone else treats him, but it changed his mind about every other human, right? I gave him a pack of Parle-G biscuit and that’s how he finally came to me. I played with him, just for few moments coz I had a class to attend. But that moment was something I realised what being a human was and what being a real human was. When I left he tried to tag along for a while, but after sometime was shooed by one of the janitor, well I won’t comment on that, coz that’s his job.

I went inside the canteen, and asked for an Appy and also enquired, hey Anna what happened to the other puppy? Where’s the other one, these two were always together na?

He told me that Brownie died few weeks back. They found her dead behind a tree inside the campus. She died coz of starvation. I just then went out to see Oreo again, I don’t know why but now looking at him made me more sad. And what was he doing? Trying to survive by waiting for the food to be left by someone. So this thing makes you think what being a human really is and what is on stake when we just stop caring for versions things around you. Whatever the experience it was, maybe good in a way that how a bond was kept…like Oreo kept with me and also the sad one, which I don’t think I need to explain much I believe.


A letter of love to my beloved

This is for someone really special and right from my heart! Happy Birthday peaches!


Have you ever felt that this is the one,
This is the one I should be with…
And this is the one who make me alive,
And prove it to me as she mean it.

Same I feel about you quite often,
And this feeling is maybe not true,
But I do believe that though you aren’t mine,
But I am in love with you.

I don’t know you yet and maybe never I will,
Nor am I afraid of knowing,
But despite any imperfection you have,
I ain’t afraid to reveal the love that I am showing.

The treasure of this world doesn’t matter at all,
When I believe that I am with you my dear,
Though far away you are but still thinking of me,
This thought make me feel that we’re still near.

I respect you as a human first,
Before I admire your beauty and grace,
Coz what matters most is how as a person you are,
And lesser as how you look by face.

I believe these words are mere words for some,
To some these ain’t any good you see,
But it would be my honour if you really could,
Make a little place in your heart for me.

I will take your pain and sadness
And make them all my own,
And make you so happy and feel loved,
That those sad moment to you would be unknown.

In return I don’t ask anything else,
But a little gesture of gratitude from thee,
In a way that you remember that there was once,
A little guy in love with you and that was me.

So be happy and grateful for what you have,
Turn your hardships and pain into love,
And give away this love and spread it around,
That even the almighty bless you from above.

The Secret of Happiness

(Note- This is a sonnet with abab cdcd efe ghg pattern.)

Do you ever feel like everything’s wrong,
And you’re the only one this is happening to,
Happiness seems far-fetched & you’re covered with gloomy songs,
And you feel like the world is so unfair to you.
But you forget that you’re treating your life as a coin,
Seeing one side and not knowing there’s another,
Being shy and not taking any risk seems fine,
Atleast toss it over and see what’s on the other.
Rejoice the lovely life you have & be happy with what you got,
You get this life for once my dear,
No time to feel sad for what you’ve not.
Feel the mirth in getting a loaf of bread to eat,
Not everyone gets what you have,
And when you’ve plentiful give some to the one who needs.

Lady With A Stone Cold Heart

Day 9: Cold, Concrete Poetry, Epistrophe/Anaphora


You made me feel I am the king of your world,
You made me feel that I am the only one,
But walking away without saying a word,
You made me feel that I was no fun.

Your cold cold heart doesn’t seem to melt,
Your cold heart can’t see that I am broken,
So cold as if it’s turned into stone,
And you threw that stone and left me shaken.

I can’t feel any thing without you,
I can’t feel the the happiness or pain,
People see me and can’ t seem to understand what’s wrong,
Some even say that I am insane.

Maybe these words don’t mean anything to you,
Maybe you’d never even see what I wrote,
Though forever alone, but I promise that with a heap of such letters,
I’ll make my way to paradise on a paper boat.

The Dame In The Opposite Lane

Day 7: Neighbourhood, Ballad, Assonance

One day coming from work,
I looked down the lane,
Was sitting there upon a wooden trunk,
A lovely beautiful dame.

She was new in the town and just moved in,
One could tell that really clear,
She was alone and so much to take in,
How would she do that she feared.

The neighbours and shopkeepers came in flocks,
To help her and gain her attention,
And within few hours the furniture,
Was inside the beautiful mansion.

In eve I was drinking coffee ‘nd reading my book,
Sitting beside my window on a coir,
When I saw that on the opposite balcony,
That dame was drying her hair.

And then suddenly she turned back,
Gave me an awkward look,
I didn’t expected that, as she
Caught me looking at her and not the book.

All I could do was to wave my hand,
And say to her my greetings,
That welcome to our beighbourhood,
Despite our awkward first meeting.

She said- “Oh it’s okay my dear,
Nice to meet you here,
Will see you later again,
When we both have time to spare.

Next night I thought to make it right,
So in one hand with a bottle of wine,
I went to rang the doorbell of her mansion,
But instead I saw a whole line.

Line of guys, waiting for her,
And yes each of them had a bottle of their own.
And when she finally came down, took us all in,
Then I realised ’twas a party she’d hosted at her home.

But I decided not to wait and take my chance,
And express to her how I really feel,
So I went close where she was standing with a girl friend,
And greeted both of them as I kneeled.

She felt really honoured and was little shy,
And said that she loved how I greeted them,
Then she introduced me to her friend as well,
Who she mentioned as her lover and not just a friend.

Not just me, everyone else was in shock,
That such a great beauty as her,
Was not even into any guy for men’s sake,
But had a fancy for women like her.

A Boy’s Dating Confessions

Is it just me or does it happen with everyone?
The one we fancy, we bump into them quite often.
And with our best efforts we try to engage with them,
In hope to make them believe that you’re a better choice than other men.

You bring them daisies, tulips and various such flowers,
And with your lovesick hands, poems in their praise showers.
You start believing their happiness and pain is yours too,
And they expect to be treated same by you.

And like a fool you do whatever pleases them,
No matter in your life if it’s causing mayhem,
And when you get tired of their little tantrums at last,
You then end and make this a memory of your past.

No matter if it’s love or hate,
You know it’s gonna culminate,
And like a fool maybe with someone new and sane,
You start these charades all over again.

But the hole your heart doesn’t seem to fill,
And you can’t stop it from loving even by your own will,
But someday there’ll grow a rose for you around somewhere,
In this hope, you keep planting seeds of love everywhere.