Jasleen Kaur Case- just speaking my mind!

Okay I just read about the case…I had no idea such incident took place quite recently in the capital. To be honest…I believe the perspective of the guy was not highlighted at first and this led to such a big problem.

Let’s see what information given by both the guy and girl and the eye-witness who is seen everywhere in the news, is absolutely same. I am not gonna tell the difference in statements but would just talk about the things we actually know considering they all are speaking truth.

The girl saw these people in front ready to jump the red light signal and she like a good citizen went and tried to make them understand that it isn’t right. Hats off to this girl from my side. She was doing the most sincere thing. But wait a second…the point is- was she doing it in a right way? What I mean is…that someday if I find someone breaking any law…can I pull out a hockey stick and start hitting that person? Or can I just go and start abusing that guy? And I am not saying what Jasleen did here…coz this part is being told differently by different people who were actually there. So in general I am saying that if whenever one feels like doing the right thing and taking such action…be little polite and just don’t start blurting out curse words of any kind.(and I am stating this again… I am not saying that the girl said anything abusive first…coz no one can confirm who said what)

Secondly…whatever the girl said to that guy in the bike…his response was and this is quite clearly cited by the eye witness- “who are you to say anything” and some other words like that. Well to this I’d say that this time the guy was absolutely wrong. She is a citizen of India and she was just reminding him the law and rules and regulations. She wasn’t doing anything wrong at all. These laws are made for our safety only and what she was doing was a great thing…not many have the guts to go and say something like that. The guy should have either responded in a apologetic way…if he was really going to jump the red light. Yeah,,,he ought to…coz if someone reminds you what you’re doing wrong then kinda they’re helping you. And the thing called “none of anyone’s business” is totally crap. But one more thing to be cleared out- if whatever he says is right and he actually was going to take the left turn, then he should had said so instead of what he actually did in response. He could have said it nicely that Madame I have to take the left turn that’s why I was going to leave…but no I don’t know what manhood woke up inside him that he decided to revert back at the girl in the same way she was speaking to him(as per what the guy and people around that time said).

So that’s what I think about this case. Maybe the guy was innocent(though he reacted totally in a wrong manner), but his life is kinda ruined if he wasn’t wrong. Or maybe the girl was right and even after taking a stand she is dealing with such hatred from some people who believe opposite. So before running into conclusions we all should hear the two party out and then say anything about it. Our media has their own way of making things more complicated and so do we Indians. No one talks sense at all.

Well anyway…that’s what my unbiased thinking was about this case!