Being Single Vs Being In Relationship

(A observational approach to tell the difference between boy’s and girl’s behavior in and around a relationship.)

We humans at one instance define love as something which completes us, and in other it becomes of something useless for few. A newly broke up couple has same unique way of living their new single life by saying how great it feels to be free from those hour long calls and nerve-wrenching lovy-dovy remarks that they used to make, just to make their partners happy. Well even they know that though they used to hate that at times, but those remarkable kiddish loving moments were the ones which used to bring a huge smile on their faces. But this isn’t something I am going to discuss about today.

Talking something totally off the topic, I am going to discuss about the observation I made about that how differently girls and boys behave when they are either single or are in a healthy relationship. Boys and Girls have different aproach to live life when it comes to relationships. I have keenly observed this among people around and obviously my stupid friends. When a boy is single, he normally doesn’t gets ready that much or in girl’s terms- he doesn’t try to go “Awww…he is so hot” mode. Men basically…or rather say boys basically don’t try to do anything on their looks as much as a girl does when he/she is single. The reason for this is that we men tend to think that if there is no one around in our lives, then for whom should I look attractive. Although(their is always a but or although…coz I am just guessing right!)…han so although, when a guy falls for a girl, which happens a lot with most of us, he tends to start to bring some changes in his daily life. Mostly joining Gym(as per recommendation of the famous Casanova in his group). See most guys have this believe that to win a girl’s attention one must have a stout body and shape. Well it is a plus point to have such shape but it’s not a compulsion you see. Moving on…yeah except gyming, we too like girls tend to buy new attractive clothes. And then finally with all the other stuff we do for attracting that one dame amongst the whole group, lets just assume that the girl says yes to his proposal.

Now when a guy is in relationship, he never stops to do various attracting tricks that he learned to do for winning the heart of his lady. We men actually have a tendency and a recurring fear that to keep up with this relationship I must look good always. So more or like we men are mostly attractive when we are in relationship(remember I am saying mostly…it’s just an observation…not entirely true). So ladies, if you start liking someone by such appearences, beware that most of the men are already taken.

Now coming on to the other half of our population- GIRLS. Well to our surprise, I have observed that a girl behaves entirely opposite to what we men do. Yeah that’s right. When girls are single, they don’t just sit just like that, thinking that why to be attractive when we don’t have someone to show our prettyness. Well most girls tend to do all the attractive stuff and infact most of these stuff when they are single. Yeah I’ve seen that clearly. They get dressed in most fashionable way they could and to impress others by their beauty(though by now 90% of single women have denied to this and said- “they do it for themselves”…well maybe I am wrong again…but it’s my article so I can write what I observed). Now coming to their getting in relationship phase. See when a guy proposes a girl(coz vice-versa is a rare scene), she feels at top of the world, well obviously if he’s the guy she likes too. Now when they are in relationship, a girl or rather at this point say a woman, tends to forget about her looks and all. This thing mostly happens because, girls start feel like as now they are in good healthy relationship, so when they have the guy they always wanted, then why to get all pretty everyday to impress the guy who is already theirs. This is something which we have seen being pictured or shown in many of our favourite TV shows even. Like in Frasier, Daphney gets fat after her relationship with Niles. Before that relationship she used to be all hot and sexy all the time but after they came into relationship, she became all fat. At that moment even in the show they mentioned that this a common phenomena. That when in relationship, most women tend to look upon over their looks.

Now to be pretty specific about my whole article being just an obsevation, I would like to say that this observation was just something which I believe commonly happens. Well it’s not always true. Take for example- How I Met Your Mother. The time when Barney was dating Robin, he got all fat at that time. Well the main reason behind that was- Barney was the one safer in being relationship with Robin and she had to be nice looking all the time.

Well this happens in real life too all the time. Many a times when a guy more hot and handsome in comparision to girl’s prettyness…she tend to keep herself in shape coz many a times it comes to their mind that their guy could flee away with such looks. So on the specificly clear note- though mostly it’s guy who maintains his handsomeness after relationship and it’s the girl who look all pretty to be attractive when she is single, but it’s not always true…as who has better edge anytime, has better edge all the time(if you know what I mean).

Well that’s all in this article…my first observational approach. I hope you find it interesting.