Perks of being in love

Searching for love I wander from place to place,
If love I really needed I think, or just a warm embrace.

There would be many who would show interest on you,
But the unattainable; your heart craves for those few.

I have seen or been told, to watch a girl, show interest,
But what if she doesn’t like you? Then aren’t you doing it for worst.

She looks towards you giving a smile,
Strokes her locks up and down for a while.

Your friends suggest go talk to her- “she’s interested in you”,
Turns out she was smiling at someone at your back, who she knew.

One fine morning she comes towards you at dawn,
Feeling like suddenly too much on your plate you start to frown.
Well it turns out being new, she was just asking directions to the lawn,
But you still smile all day long looking like the head of clan of clowns.

From the next day you start believing she likes you,
And even if you don’t your friends provide you with imaginary clues-
See the way she looks at you, smiling, blushing all over blue,
Then they start calling names, though embarrassed but you like that too.

Your heart pounds faster when she passes by,
You try to set your hairs to every best you could try,
And just to fake it and for not giving any desperation sigh,
You immediately pop a pseudo question to your friend- Hey bro why?

Your friend bewildered and surprised asks you- What are you saying man?
You anxiously whisper in the most precise tone- Just play along Peter Pan.
Well by that time they have seen the incoming fairy van,
Seeing those lovely hyenas, heart starts beating of every wolf in our clan.

Then they howl and call you along with her name,
She tries not to look at you, trying to avoid in shyness or either shame,
You instead take it all wrong that maybe she too likes this love game,
And start trying all the ways from good to lame, just to win that beautiful dame.

Applying your brother’s cologne, wearing the best checked shirt you got,
You go college everyday wearing your jacket, in which you think you look hot.
From a simply normal cute looking nerd and a geeky tot,
You try to become miniature of Helios, the most handsome of all gods.

You buy books, see videos online all night,
Seeking help from strangers that how to speak to Mrs. Right,
Next day by gaining courage you try to approach her on site,
You find her sitting with her friends in the lawn enjoying sunlight.

Before you could say anything to her, you see one of the guys,
Putting his arms around her, while you stand there alone giving a sigh,
You know he got better looks, he’s every girl’s apple of the eye,
And thus a chill wave goes up your spine, with you face facing the sky.

You keep your eyes wide open, trying to prevent tears to ooze out with a cry,
With your beloved friend- “wind” helping you in keeping them dry.
A moment comes when you see above in disappointment, saying- Why?
That why can’t you have that thing called love? Is it even worth to try?

Then come your friends consoling- you’re better off without her mate,
She’s not a good girl anyway, as she seek looks rather than love in her date.
And you’re like still making them quiet, saying it’s not her that I hate,
It’s my life, my destiny, my lonely and cursed fate.

Well it takes you little time to realize the gravity of your situation,
For few days you become more of a loner, it’s your act of salvation.
You stop believing in love coz you know it hurts and cause nothing but frustration,
Thus your one sided affair with that girl finally ends up with migration.

But in the new place you meet another young beautiful dame,
Suddenly you forget your own created norms and fall in love again.
Because love is what you need, you feel complete with it, fully sane,
Though again it may result later, the reason for your agony and pain.

Everyone likes affection, everyone loves to be loved,
It makes you feel delighted that someone calls you their beloved.
And that’s how everyone’s foolish love story ends,
Sometimes with a stranger, many a times with a friend.



If you can keep your calm,
Causing no one any harm,
You can have whole world on your palm,
And can show them your charm.

If you know when to halt,
And when to apologize on your fault,
You can earn million smiles and applauds,
With which you can fill up your vault.

If you could know what’s real wealth,
Not money or class but goodness and health.
If your any act made a heart melt,
Then yours is this world and your presence is felt.

If someone waits for you every day,
When you’re asked for advice and you know what to say,
If you know for your deeds, what you’ve to pay,
Then yours is tomorrow like it was today.

If you know what to remember and what you should forget,
If you know out of all what to keep and what’s good if left,
And your mind is free for new things to accept,
Then you’re a winner, on my life I can bet.

If you could tell what others wish from you,
And if you could read minds of not all but few,
If you could read faces and their desires you knew,
Then you could bring smile to other’s faces, that’s for true.

If you knew whose company and friendship to appreciate,
For whom your love and affection you should reciprocate,
And craving for those who don’t care is similar to time waste,
Then you could be the happiest of all people that the almighty create.

If you could understand that this world is nothing but an art,
And you’re just a mere character playing your part,
And at distant moment we come in the picture and then depart,
Then you’ve given your life a meaning, a reason to beat for your heart.