I dropped from top,
On the slope of umbrella’s knob.
Though my friends took a leap,
And straight away fell on the heath.

I laughed at their witty pace,
As they took a big leap and lost the race.
I thought a lot about the step they did take
And wondered why they made that mistake.

I yawned and moved on,
Feeling sorry for other’s wrong.
Took a slide with full might
On the leathery slope of my flight.

My next stop was a boot
Its colour was pitch black like soot.
But before I could come back from trance
That man just then left his stance.

I just tried on to keep the pace,
And took a grip of boot’s lace.
Though clumsy all it looked
As my pals laughed at my holded hook.

Suddenly my vehicle stopped,
That was probably a hamburger shop.
But as you know I was hanging upon,
So I just fell off my vehicle’s prong.

That lace was probably my last vehicle,
As next I fell in a stream and trickle
There I got mixed with my fellow mates
Who were already coming from ditchy lakes.

And then I went into a pond beyond
Waited and sat still for many a days long.
Waited and waited for Sun to shine bright
So that I could heat up and vaporize.

Then arrived the day of my going home
The place from where I belonged.
Where in a comfy whitish couch I would live
With my brothers and sisters along.

As I left in my vapory state
My friends gave a hue cry of their fate.
Though as a drop they couldn’t weep,
But just imagine they did this deed.

So I went on and just went on
Into the blue sky in my invisible form.
And there I reached and again yawned
As it would take a long time for me to again DROP on.


Undefined Love

It’s not easy you know
To forget… to forget it that easily
Coz it takes whole lot of something
Something which is undefined.

I think to get back to you,
Every single second of my life,
And dream of having that something again we had
Something which was undefined

But you don’t wanna listen to my plea
Though you say we can be just friends
Of course you can do that easily…maybe
But I can’t just give away my feelings…those feelings so undefined.

I was a culprit in some ways
Though I was never dishonest to you,
You asked me yourself to wait a little or
Either indulge with some other girl… into something undefined

You showed you’d be fine with it, if the latter ever happened
But it turns out- no you are not
What kind of accusation is this?
Some kind which will forever remain undefined

I recall out past memories often, yes I do that many time
And a smile grows in my face but fades in due time
Coz I know your heart has gone cold
Somewhat kinda a stone undefined

How can you be so brute that even my apologies went in vain?
This denial my dear something brings unbearable pain
Why are you doing this to me?
Doing that something which is undefined.

I won’t ever ask you for more coz I don’t have that right to do
But if some corner of your heart still beats for me
Just give it back… give it back coz it’s a part of my lost ark
That lonely part whose beats are undefined

At last I would say- I am not like what you think of me
And I can be whatever you want me to be
But please don’t break our concord… no, not like this
Not in such way, so unseemly undefined

I want this to reach to you… reach you in some way
I want you to know who I really am… the real in me that stays
Stays there until and unless it breaks me as whole
And change me into an undefined soul

We are not alone

This whole world isn’t inhumane, but some of us are,
And those few ones leave on our face a dishonesty scar,
That’s why it is hard for people to believe in other’s good intentions,
Coz this world is still full of people with appalling pretentions.
But wait, we should hold on to the rope of hope,
And should believe in the fact that there’s still some scope,
Scope of change in the hearts of one who are doomed,
Coz a rose of virtue in their soul can still be bloomed.

Don’t you forget there’ll always be an end,
From where a new starting will begin.
And together we all will enlighten this world,
With wisdom and faith surrounding them and furled.
There’ll always be a friend who will pretend to forget his work at home,
To accompany you outside the class coz he can’t see you standing alone.
Though a mongrel strays all day in those ghastly streets,
But even he is able to finds a pack with discrete breeds.

There are some people betrayed by their own,
But some stranger is always there without a heart of stone.
No different is an old man whose love of life is forever gone,
But instead of crying, he smiles recollecting those moments he in past cherished on.
There are siblings fighting whole day long,
And where the elder one bosses others coz he’s strong,
But at night in dinner when the supper is served,
He gives his little brother the half cookie he had reserved.

Love is always there around you and me,
We are maybe ignorant or too naive not to see,
And this love is not the one we always seek everywhere,
It’s a love of human for a human without fear.
No one asks for deep affection from a paragon you see,
Even a little coo of a dove can make anyone blissfully happy,
Though it might be cloudy all day and sun may have not shone,
But at night the moon comes up to convince us that we are not alone.

Money may not always buy happiness

Where I was and what I am now,
That’s a very typical story that teaches how.
How I earned those laurels and fame,
And how in between I lost the game.
The game which I started with my fellow mates,
Of aspiring to reach our success gates.
The gates beyond which wealth would reside,
And behind whom my friends would stand despised.

Leaving all my friends to their own fate,
I rushed towards my fortune gate.
Though I had already achieved a lot,
But at that time I was a greedy rogue.
Coins were my candies, money was my cupcake,
Rather than food, rupees and dollars were my intakes.
I was merely blind as I was unable to see the truth,
That lust of money lured me to waste my youth.

Though joy was still there,
But my passion for enjoyment decreased.
As friends were many around me,
But true friendship was ceased.
I had too much to share,
But I needed someone close indeed.
To reveal my sorrows and my pains,
Which were almost pathetic and discreet.

At that particular moment,
I learned an important fact.
That my decision at those gates,
Was cause of my regret,
I had betrayed my friends,
I had cheated on them.
For sake of that evil treasure,
I had committed a sin.

If now I could make up that lost time,
If now I could regress.
I would bet all my money,
And all of my progress.
This unfulfilled desire, would always prevail,
In a small closet of my heart without being unveiled.
Neither money can buy, nor wealth can be used,
To achieve that happiness again which was left and rebuked.