The Love Chronicle

1. It was her birthday. He finally gained the courage to talk to her and went outside her house to wish her.

After hesitating for a while, he finally rung the bell,
Someone answered- “Who are you boy, why you sweat, are you well?”
Off he cleaned the drops, the witness of worry from his face-
“I am your girl’s classmate, need to talk”– said he with grace.

2. He was told that she ain’t home. Gone out with some friends to the Donald’s.

With a withering rose that he had kept for years,
Off he went to her to do the thing he most feared.
There she was wearing the maroon sweater, smiling like a little mermaid,
Blowing warm air on her hands covered with gloves her mother had made.


3. He went close. She looked at him and gave a weird smile. He pulled out the Rose, folded in a velvet cloth.

“I’ve been meaning to give something which belongs to you”
“Whose each petal grew when you smiled and when you were sad it lost its hue.”
“But it stayed all along, to express the words he was meant to-
“That this guy who keeps me, is in love with you.”

4. She was silent in surprise, he could hear her heart pounding like a hammer on an anvil. She couldn’t close her eyes; how could she let this moment pass away. She feared it’ll all go away if she closed them.

“I can’t keep sitting on my knees milady”
“It feels quite cold down here”– said he.
She giggled and a tear came out of her eye.
Grabbed him from his arms and gave a peaceful sigh.

5. That hug was something he couldn’t forget. The moment he waited all his life was here. He tried to keep his eyes dry, but the wall of his manhood shattered into pieces with a drop in his eyes.

She looked at him as she had never looked at a man before,
And with her dusky red lips, she kissed where the drop poured.
And there it was on her lips like a drop of dew,
Just like that, she took his heart away he knew.


6. He gave her the withered rose which she hesitated to keep. She told him that he shouldn’t fall for her, for she was someone else’s to keep. “He never let me go off his arms and I am attached to him, I can’t leave. I’ll live with him maybe forever and will die with him too. So, my dear lover, you should give it to someone else who deserves you.”

Just likes that in a jiffy, his world turned into a dungeon of doom,
His heart stopped and he felt his end was near and soon.
His mouth choked, he couldn’t speak a word to her anymore,
He tried to keep his tears inside as they were before.


7. With a heavy heart, he left her there with her mates. For days he won’t speak to anyone, he was in despair. One moment he smiled remembering the kiss and in another he cried as insane. He had to live forever like this alone. She was the one he lived for and will die in her memory if he had to.

To keep his mind off her, he volunteered to join the troops in front,
Keeping his sadness inside and showering bullets was how his rage burnt.
One bright fine day, his eye caught a glimpse of a rose in the woods,
The haunting past came back; cover breached, hit by a bullet in his hoods.


8. That’s how a beautiful soul lost his soul. First at the hands of the one he loved and another for the one he lived. Before he died, he gave a piece a paper to his mate in the bunker and asked it to give to the one who look like no one else in his town.

The loyal friend brought the body home covered with the flag all over,
The site which made everyone cry over the great son and the lover.
He asked- “Was there anyone to whom he gave his heart?
Loved more than anyone else, seeing whom he couldn’t tell love and life apart?”


9. From back exclaimed a guy with a sigh- “She dropped few petals and he used to pick them up, but no one thought that he would ever make a wreath of those only to put it upon his grave. She is still here, she still remember him and she always will. And here she is…”

She came for the funeral, asked with a tear in her eye-

”What were the last words when my beloved friend said goodbye?”

And there in a letter addressed to her quoted he-

“I made this wreath for you, pardon to let it keep with me.”

10. She fell down on her knees and cried over the cold cadaver.

Everyone said- “Why didn’t she accept him, what was wrong with the guy?
He lived in your memory and with that, he finally died.”
She said- “I did love him and in his memory I have passed my near to end days.
But never thought he would perish before me and that too in this way.”

She had a disease which never let her go. And she never lied when she said that she was gonna live with it and die as well. But Alas, she never hoped that her denial will lead to his demise!


Her Inner Conflict

Note: Early morning when I went to buy milk, I saw little girls all around going around from one house to another. It wasn’t too late for me to realise what day it was. Just then I saw a small girl sitting in a stairway with a 10Rs note in her palms and her sitting in a wondering pose with both of her fists on her chin. That made me think of the alternate but true reality of our lifestyle and mentality of many people in our country. Here’s a piece from a little girl’s point of view.  

Where is your youngest one?
Isn’t she at home?
Can you please ask her to come to our house,
For the ritual around noon?

Oh yeah sure, here she is,
Taking bath and getting dressed!
Just a little crimson on her forehead,
And you can take her to your shed!

“Well isn’t she the most wanted by all today!”
Quoted one of the aunts.
“Well she’s the youngest Lakshmi you see”
A lady said along with her holy chants.

While all this was taking place around her,
The girl just sat and thought for long-
Weren’t these the same people,
Who wished I was never born?

Who came to my house,
Put the hand on my mothers womb,
“Don’t worry, It’ll be a son this time,
Finally happy will be your groom.”

Yes these are the same people,
Who suggested to get my identity checked,
Who told million ways,
To not allow me to take even a breath.

Not being able to bear such thoughts,
She ran out with crumbs of sweets in her palm,
Threw them into the bushes,
Went straight to her mother’s arms.

Her mother could understand her feelings,
Without her saying even a word,
Coz she was the only woman,
Who being a woman understood her worth.


Pic credits- Image

वो लड़की!

यूँही कभी याद आजाती है वो लड़की जो उस दिन मिली थी,

जिसकी होठों की लालिमा उसके आँचल से ढकी थी,

जो मेरे कुछ कहने से पहले ही सहसा हंस पड़ी थी,

जिसकी मुस्कुराहट मेरे हृदय के एक कोने में घर कर गई थी,

कहीं वो तुम तो नहीं?


क्या वही हो तुम जिसने मुझको सिखाया था हँसना,

मुझ तिनके को सहारा देकर जिसने बनाया था अपना,

अपना समझ के जिसने बताया मुझे अपना हर सपना,

जो हर संध्या मुझे याद दिलाती की अपना ख़याल रखना,

क्या तुम वही तो नहीं?


मुझे तुममें उस देवी की झलक तो दिखती है,

जिसके महक उसके आने के मीलों दूर से ही लगने लगती है,

जिसके चेहरे के तेज से फूलों की बगिया महक उठती है,

जिसकी बोली सुनके कोयल भी चहकने लगती है,

क्या तुम वही हो?


तुम हो तो वही, इतना महसूस होता है मुझको,

मौजों से अटखेलियाँ करते देखा था जिसको,

जिसके मुस्कुराहट उसके आँचल से ढकी थी,

जो मुझे देख यूँही हंस पड़ी थी,

हाँ तुम वही तो हो!


पर तुम्हारे इस चेहरे की चमक को हुआ क्या?

कहाँ गई वो मुस्कान, कहाँ खो गई, उसका रहा क्या?

क्यूँ बैठो हो ऐसे बाहों में मुख छिपाए, किसिने कुछ कहा क्या?

चहकने के बजाए सिसकियों में गुज़र रहे दिन, तुम्हें हुआ क्या?

कुछ तो कहो।


इसके आगे उससे और ना सुना गया और वह चल पड़ी,

मैंने उससे विनती की रुकने को और एक घड़ी,

पर वह चलते हुए बस दूर शितिज पे जाके हुई खड़ी,

मुझपे एक आख़री बार नज़र डालके रोई और फिर हंस पड़ी,

कुछ जवाब ना मिला, पर ऐसा लगा मानो कह गई- अब तुम सहो!

Death of love

I came to visit a dear friend’s grave,
I kept the rose in my hand down and waved,
“Hey dear friend, I heard how it ended,
It’s sad to hear, but I wish the issue could’ve been mended.”

Just then a weird feeling struck my heart,
It felt like a storm and I was about to depart,
Just then I lost my conscious and with an excruciating pain,
I called my dear friend LIFE to appear again.

Am I falling or am I flying,
Am I living or am I dying,
I asked life- “What’s this weird feeling inside?”
“You are lonely again my friend”- life replied.

No…it can’t be true,
She said it’s over but I am there for you,
“Oh come on! Such things consoles your heart for a while,
It seems you’ll be okay but it’s just for a while!”

I see… I understand the effect of this spell,
This happened to me once before as well,
“Oh yeah, there was another dame in your past,
Though she wasn’t anything like this lass.”

I know…I know…and that’s why it hurts,
But I’ll be okay like before, just a little worse.
“It’ll be alright… tomorrow is the big day(vday),
Go out and find a new one to play.”

What are you saying Mr. Life, love isn’t a game,
It is a sacred and beautiful feeling, not inane!
“Weren’t you two in love? Han? What happened to that part?
Just a little difference grew you two apart?”

It just ended and all that I can say to explain-
In an argument if both are right, then who would you call insane?
“Well, things like this are hard to mend,
So who won the fight, How did it end?”

Well my being alone, might be enough as an answer,
But can’t be sure of her, you can go and ask her.
“It’s alright… such things happen in my world quite often,
Hang in there… someone else’s heart for you will soften.”

Na, I’m done with this silly thing called love,
I was happy alone and love is six feet under shoved.
“Tough luck brother, it was nice to hear from you,
I should go and pick a rose for my love too(death)” ….Life Departs

Just then I saw a man with a flower with red hue,
And I smiled and left, remembering the things I had planned too,
At least my flower is on the grave of my beloved friend ‘love’,
To wither with the time and rest in peace above.

Types of Relationships

Originally answered on Quora.

Question- Can we actually categorise relationships as per psychology?
Question Link(Quora)


Well, I am not a student of psychology or anything even close to that, but I do have some kind of theory about this and as per that I guess I can differentiate between different- different couples.

Type A-
In relationships of this kind the guy and girl love each other and are in a relationship of such kind that if even one of the two back out, the other one gets tormented. These kinds of couples have a lot of belief in their relationship and on their partner and either both or maybe one of them believe that his or her partner will eventually be his or her bride or groom.


Type B-
Type B is like a guy and a girl is in a relationship but are well aware that many a time interest in their partner does fade away with due time or we fed up of each other’s behaviour or not being able to give time to them. And in this case, both the people do know that one is a man and can start liking other girl and the other is a girl and can fall for any other guy. Now if such a case occurs that they do get separated, they do feel bad, but they move on eventually.


Type C-
This type refers to those kinds of people who don’t indulge in love and all such matters but do understand the need of intimacy as they know it’s pure hormonal. These are those kinds who understand that satisfying hormonal need is temporary and it’s not there in them all the time. Such kinds of people are those who don’t get into relationship stuff but do have sexual relations of some kind. It’s not necessarily to be sexual, but it is somewhat intimate. Now these kinds of people are really like professionals and all. Many a time they do turn into type B, but if the person with whom they are getting intimate with is not of that sort who can develop feeling too, then they eventually have to move on.justsex

Type D-
These are those who don’t even care for intimacy. Most Indian girls fall into this category. They are those who do feel the need of intimacy and do get aroused and all, but they resist this feeling and don’t do anything about it. They wait for the right one to come. The one and only. And mostly that one and only is the one they will eventually marry.


Type E-
The Asexuals. One who are completely out of intimate needs. They don’t feel a thing or need to have intimacy in their life at all. I believe many scientists, the one who never marry and all, fall into this one. They never feel the need of love. They are rare but they do exist.



That’s all that I’ve come across. I observe things and people around me. Everything that I just told isn’t written anywhere and I am not a student of psychology. It’s my own theory. It might be wrong as well. Do comment if anyone find anything odd and incorrect.

Reviews: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016 movie)


Don’t worry, No spoilers ahead.

WARNING(advice rather)- It’s rather a favour to you all. Don’t sit till the end, there’s no after credit scene. I wasted my maybe 3 minutes watching whole credits. There’s nothing.  


—————————— ————— ————— 

This movies isn’t actually as bad as critics from all over the world have battered it. I just came back from the movie theatre and let me tell you that it’s quite a good one if we take away all the flashbacks from it.


  • Ben Affleck as Batman was not that good a choice in my opinion, I really can’t find any reason that why was an old batman was needed for such a role?
  • Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was pretty classy, though not much of screen time was given to her but still it was quite good enough.  
  • Henry Cavill as Superman– As seen in Man of Steel, no change at all, tough and strong and absolutely charming.
  • Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was good enough. He tried to be as psychotic as his role demanded but I believe he tried and gave his best, though a better performance could’ve been given by a better actor. Kevin Spacey might would had been a good choice this time I guess.
  • And yes we do see some more superheroes, but just little glimpse and nothing more than that. So will talk about them when their movies arrive I guess.


  • Set quite appropriately. The continuation from Man of Steel wasn’t a bad idea and Batman getting angry about what happened in the first movie was a well put point too and that’s what sets the theme to the whole movie.

Weak point-

  • Batman– I just didn’t like Ben Afleck as Batman. What legacy Christian Bale gave us, Ben wasn’t able to continue that. The Batmobile wasn’t even wasn’t that good for gods sake. And the bat suit? Don’t even start me on that.
  • Flashbacks and Nightmares- I’ve no darn idea why these flashbacks and nightmares were there in whole movie. They didn’t depict anything much and they were absolutely and horribly misleading. Without giving away anything I’d just say that few or rather most of these were used in the trailers and these are just nightmares and nothing else. Not at all related to the storyline.
  • The nemesis- Doomsday in my opinion isn’t that good an enemy in this movie. The way Marvel has developed its enemy lineup, I don’t think DC has been able to do that well enough with theirs.

Strong Points-

  • I loved the part where these all the superheroes line up together. For an avid fan of superhero movies, it was a treat. Though critics from all over the world have been saying that the movie is way too long but for me even 2 hrs 30 mins wasn’t enough. And why I say so because Zack Snyder tried too hard to show everything in this movie. He didn’t want to leave anything. But that everything was way too much actually. As a movie enthusiast, I’d say that this movie should have been in two parts actually and that would had been much better. I wouldn’t had mind if they had tried what Anurag Kashyap did with Gangs of Wasseypur….just saying.
  • Setting up the base for others to come. Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg….yeah you heard me right, they all are coming very soon and for a fan like me, I am pretty much excited.


The movie overall is quite good and trust me when I say that I’ve no idea why critics are battering this movie so badly even when it’s quite a good one. Though hectic and a lot to take in, but still a good one. That’s why I gave 7.5 out of 10.


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